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All facets of health care and rehabilitation have possible VR applications associated.  It offers huge benefits in training, distraction, and simulation based scenarios.  Those benefits extend further into staff wellness, safety, liability and patient happiness.

We are currently working on software and hardware solutions for the following items, but always happy to discuss new ones:

  • Simulation and Training for staff and patients

  • Attention Re-targeting for Palliative Care and Pain Management

  • Attention Re-targeting for Pre-Op and Shots

  • Exercises and Scenarios for Rehabilitation  

  • VR Lab or Work Center Deployments


VR has an obvious application when it comes to visualization of models and plans, but also training and re-certification is a great application as well.  Using real world simulation, you can reduce the cost of training materials while completely removing harm from a trainee and still putting them in the actual situation they are training on.  

We are currently working on solutions for Confined Space Training and Hazardous Materials.


Deployment of hardware, selection of software for projects, or development of software for specific learning objectives, these are things we have done many times, and get great results.  We can do long or short term deployments, just let us know what you need.


What better way to get interest in a particular place than to give your customers a sense of actually being there.  360 Video or fully modeled projects are both ideal for this.  Get in touch to start discussing your ideas.

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